Longlevens Junior

Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly

This is an incredibly inspiring true story of four African American women, who helped NASA launch men into space and overcame gender and racial barriers to succeed: they worked hard, they persisted and they used their genius minds to change the world.  - All pupils and staff have been gripped by this TRUE story.

5C are new recruits for the NASA Induction programme.   Security tags issued and Year 5 are ready to lift off!




Our final mission: 30 minutes to prepare a speech on one of the inspirational women.  We had to consider the content and order of the facts we were presenting as well as considering who was going to say what! 



The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan


The Lost Thing is story about a boy who discovers an unusual creature whilst out collecting bottle-tops at the beach. Having realised it is lost, he tries to find out who owns it or where it belongs…

Throughout this unit of work, Year 5 immersed themselves into Shaun Tan’s illustrations which are organised like collages. With only limited words to tell the story, we used our inferences skills and made connections by looking at the the pictures that  gave us new information about the characters and plot.






The Lost Happy Endings by Carol Ann Duffy

What would happen if we lost the 'happy endings' to the classic fairy tales that we all know and love? Imagine the tears at bedtime and the devastation this would cause. Can Jub, the keeper of the happy endings, save them from the wicked witch? 






The Untold Truth:  We found these gold envelopes at the back of the book.  Was there something we didn't know?   Using all the facts we had discovered in the story about the characters, we used our imaginations to write the 'truth' about the witch and considered her past.