Longlevens Junior

'Maths Day' in Year 4! 

25th November

We had such an amazing time during our "Maths Day"

Here are some photographs and quotes from the children...


Robyn, Year 4, "I love how Maths Day finds fun ways to make Maths fun."



Jacob, Year 4, "I found Mrs Bevan's activity so fun; it was really energetic."



Alicia, Year 4, "I found Maths Day enjoyable and I also learnt new things."

Libby, Year 4, "This day has gone so fast and has been so much fun."



Emily, Year 4, "I learned some Roman numerals. It was fun."

Ava, Year 4, "In normal Maths lessons you might have a frown, but today we turned that frown upside down."

Lucas, Year 4, "Mr Jeynes' activity helped me to learn how to measure."

Carl, Year 4, "Miss Wilson showed us some really cool tricks with numbers."


Y4 practising methods of exchanging.