Longlevens Junior

RWI Spelling

What is RWI Spelling?   RWI Spelling is an interactive programme, which uses a variety of resources and activities to help children to learn spellings with common patterns and use rules in order to help them recall spellings as well as teaching exceptions to these rules.  Each pupil will have a class-based individual workbook to allow them to practise their spellings and the teaching naturally embeds pupils’ knowledge and understanding of phonics at all ages across our KS2 classes.  Your children will have a daily 15-20 minute spelling lesson.  

Each unit consists of 5 sessions:

  • Session 1 introduces the children to the new spelling pattern for the week using a video which takes the children to the ‘Spelling Zone’.
  • Session 2 engages the children in a quick recap of the previous learning and then the children complete in a word changing activity.
  • Session 3 focuses the children on identifying words they need to learn and writing them in their log books in order for them to practise throughout the week.
  • Session 4 encourages the children to work in pairs to peer assess each other's work, focusing on choosing a correct word from a given set in order to complete a sentence.
  • Session 5 allows the children time to unpick a choice of difficult words and an opportunity to spell them correctly.

Will there be a weekly spelling test? There will no longer be a weekly spelling test. Giving children weekly spellings to be tested (even when they do score 10/10!) does not mean that they will apply these in their own written work. With this approach to the teaching of spellings, we hope to support and encourage your child to become both more confident and independent spellers which will help them become better writers.  Revisiting spelling patterns and rules regularly is key to them becoming successful spellers.

How will the teachers monitor my child’s spelling progress? Your child’s progress will be regularly monitored during the daily spelling lessons, their application of spelling words in their daily writing across the curriculum and a half-termly spelling test.  Each child will have a personal spelling log book and these are important in helping pupils to practise the spellings they need to learn from the unit.  During the unit, pupils will be encouraged to log (write down) the spellings they have found tricky.  At the beginning of the next unit, they will do SPEED SPELL which will assess their ability to spell words with the previous weeks spelling pattern – rather than from a list.  Again, they will log any misspelt words from this activity or from their independent writing.   

Every pupil is encouraged to take their spelling log book home and bring it into school each day so that they can practise their misspelt spellings at home and in school.  We really need parents to help to ensure that it is in their bag each day! 

All LJS teaching staff and most teaching assistants have completed a full day of training using the RWI Spelling techniques and resources.  (The current Year 4 pupils have already completed some of the RWI Spelling programme while they were in Year 3.)

Letter to parents - using RWI Spelling Log Books - Nov 2020