Longlevens Junior

Our School Dress Code

For every day wear we hope parents will be able to provide children with the following:


  • Grey or black trousers or shorts
  • White shirt/polo shirt
  • Green jumper or sweatshirt with or without the school logo
  • Black shoes, not trainers


  • Black or grey skirt or pinafore dress of an appropriate length , or black trousers (No tube skirts or skorts)
  • White blouse/polo shirt
  • Green jumper, cardigan or sweatshirt with or without the school logo
  • Green stripe or gingham dress in summer
  • Black shoes, not trainers

School logo jumpers and polo shirts can be purchased from the National School Shop, 99 Northgate St, Gloucester, GL1 2AA

Bags - Small rucksack for daily use. Size should be kept to a minimum for easy storage.
Hats/Caps - School sunhats may be worn outside during hot weather.
Other Useful Clothing - Parents are asked to provide the following items for other school activities:

  • Art overall – named i.e. cut off shirt for D/T and Art lessons.
  • A P.E. bag marked with the child’s name on the outside.
  • Black shorts
  • A T-shirt or polo shirt in white.
  • Tracksuits may be worn for games.
  • Sturdy trainers or daps for games on the playground.
  • Rubber soled daps for indoor games. N.B. Bare feet will be required for gym and dance. No football boots or football strip!



  • Watches may be worn as they have an educational value but they are worn under parental responsibility. Apple Watches or similar SMART devices are not allowed.
  • Children whose ears have been pierced may wear a small stud, but under no circumstances should pendant or hoop earrings be worn to school, as they are a potential danger in the playground and in P.E. and games lessons.
  • Local Authority policy requires those pupils who do wear ear studs, remove them for games and PE activities, if they are unable to do so, then they will be asked to tape them up for health and safety reasons.
  • Hair bands and clips in school colours (green, grey, black and white) may be worn to tie long hair up but these should be small and unobtrusive. Fashion hair accessories are not permitted.
  • The wearing of extreme fashion haircuts, nail varnish, make-up, tattoos and jewellery in school (including rings and bracelets) is not allowed.

The school can take no responsibility for the loss of valuable possessions.