Our School Curriculum consists of the National Curriculum and some additional subjects/ foci which we believe enhance the pupil’s learning, creativity and development.  Our Curriculum is delivered in cross curricular blocks, making as many links across subjects as possible, whilst exploring every opportunity to develop literacy and numeracy skills.  As we block some subjects together, it is possible that pupils will not be taught all of the subjects all of the time.  We have a very strong SMSC element to our Curriculum and devote time after 3pm to this, providing opportunities for pupils to resolve any conflict that has arisen during the day, discuss national/ local/ global issues of significance, undertake PSHE activities and debates, feedback from school council or maybe to share a book.  We also believe it is important for pupils to know about their home city of Gloucester and provide many opportunities to explore it through our rich and diverse curriculum.

Subjects taught at LJS are:

National Curriculum


 Art & Design
 Design & Technology
 Physical Education

 Daily collective worship
 Religious Education
 Provision for PSHE (3 O’Clock Stop)
(personal, social, health, economic)

 Forest School
 Social Enterprise
 Local/National/International Dimension inc The City of Gloucester

Topic Webs for each year group will be uploaded here, and displayed below, each term. 

Curriculum policies
 Computing Policy

 Design and Technology Policy
 Geography Policy
 History Policy
 Collective worship policy
 Music Policy
 Outdoor Learning Policy
 PSHE Policy
 RE Policy
 English Policy
Science Policy
Art Policy