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Offer of Early Help

The Early Help Offer (the Offer) is an approach not a service.

It respects every family's right to access information to help manage their lives successfully, whilst guiding them to seek support from appropriate sources.

Help can then be agreed as soon as concerns start to emerge. The 'Offer' is for all children, as issues may arise at any point in a child or young person's life. It includes both universal and targeted/specialist services, to reduce or prevent concerns from growing or becoming entrenched.

  • Help is there when parents, children and young people need it e.g. 'nipping problems in the bus'
  • Together we will find a way forward that is right for everyone - there is a choice of help and it will be easy to access
  • Families are at the centre of everything we do - they will only have to tell us their story once
  • We operate an open door policy and are always willing to listen to concerns that affect any aspect of family life
  • We will be assertive with families who may not want support but need it - and we will continue to support families until they no longer need our help

Gloucestershire County Council provide a wide range of information, self help, support and services for all aspects of family life ranging from free universal support options or services, which everyone can access, to targeted support for times when special advice is needed.

For more information on help and support available, please see the Gloucestershire county council website by clicking here.