Longlevens Junior

Football success

There is something in the water in Longlevens that the FA might want to investigate and harvest!

Today the girl's and boy's teams took part in tournaments and were triumphant:

First the boys took part in the EFL Utilitia kids cup club finals at Cheltenham Town to see who would represent Cheltenham Town at the next round in March. The boys won every single match, only conceded two goals and scored too many to count!

Then the girls faced the other 7 mini league winners to see who would be crowned ultimate league champions. They drew one match, won 6, scored 15 goals and didn't concede any! 

A huge well done to both teams who seem absolutely unstoppable this season. Both teams have already won the area ESFA tournaments. Now they have both won their EFL local round tournaments. The girls have won the league and we still have the boys league to finish as well as the cups coming up in the new year for both teams.

Congratulations to all of the players who have been outstanding. Mr Jeynes and Mrs Sharpe are incredibly proud of you all.

(Pictures available on our X (Twitter) page: https://twitter.com/LonglevensJS )