Longlevens Junior


At LJS, our History Curriculum aims to stimulate children’s interest in the past and enable them to understand today’s society and their place in it.

Throughout their four years at LJS, pupils will explore a variety of historical periods and develop the skills of enquiry, investigation and evaluation. They will build a sense of chronology, gain knowledge of key events from the past and develop appropriate use of historical vocabulary. Pupils consider connections, contrasts and trends over time and discover Gloucester’s place in History. From the Stone Age, to the Vikings, to World War II; we aim to inspire children with curiosity about our past and to understand how the lives of our ancestors affect our own lives today.

 What have we been learning in our History lessons?

Y3 made Neolithic farms - they were fantastic! 


 4BW studied this Roman source to find out about Boudicca, a Celtic leader who is famous for having fought back against Roman invasion.

"She was huge... With a harsh voice. A great mass of bright red hair fell to her knees. She wore a great twisted torc and a tunic of many colours, over which was a thick mantle, fastened by a brooch." - Dio (Roman historian) 


Y3 Egyptian Day

We had an awful lot of Pharaohs, Mummies, and Slaves in school on Friday. Y3 spent the day learning even more about their History topic, the Ancient Egyptians and produced some super work. Thank you to all the parents and carers who helped with the costumes.



Get off our Land!

Year 4 have been studying what happened when the Romans left Britain and how the Anglo-Saxons invaded; they have also enjoyed looking at a range of sources to find out about Anglo-Saxon life.