LJS has Talent 2018

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Congratulations to our winning house- Rowling! And also to the first winner of our Ella Dalby Performing Arts trophy- Gracie!

Sports' day 2018

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Congratulations to Barrie for winning LJS Sports' day 2018!

Year 6 Gardening

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During the Residential Week, the remaining Year 6 children embraced the challenge of improving an outdoor learning space at school. With the help of the wonderful Mr Morris, they have totally transformed the quad and brought new life back to the area - and George - the newly named metal creature who resides there!

Natural Sculpture Club

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Natural Sculpture club - with an animal theme

4A Wilderness Centre Residential

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On 25th April, 4A set off on a three day residential visit to The Wilderness Centre in Mitcheldean. We were accompanied by Miss Wilson, Miss Gregory and Mr Enon. We had a great time doing lots of outdoor activities, including archery, crate stacking and bushcraft. We didn't get much sleep but we did learn to make our own beds and sandwiches!

House Music Competition 2018

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On Wednesday 27th March the LJS annual House Music Competition took place. Each house was represented by 3 acts (a singer, a musician and a house song sung by the entire house). This year's worthy winners were POTTER!!!

4A Making Torches

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For our D.T project this term in Year 4 we have made some simple torches using what we have learned about electrical circuits in our Science work.

4A Skillzone Visit

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Trip to Skillzone with 4A on 22/3/18

British Council Connecting Classrooms Visit to Nepal

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During February school holidays, Miss Allen and Mrs Baker travelled to our partner school, Bhaktapur NIST in Nepal. They were warmly welcomed by staff and pupils alike. In Nepal, children attend school Sunday through to Friday, so both teachers were very busy! They also run on a different claend to us, so we were very surprised to find that in Nepal the year is in fact 2074! NIST school has pupils right through from nursery to 18 and our teachers were able to visit many of the classrooms, listen to presentations that had been prepared for them and teach Art, English and circle time games. From an early age, Nepalese children learn all their lessons in English (except Nepalese!)- imagine us trying that in French! Our teachers were very impressed with their handwriting and poetry ideas. The Nepalese pupils has a strong set of values, just like us at LJS and these were displayed prominently all around the school- it gave us some ideas for LJS. They also showed great respect to their classrooms by leaving all shoes outside... something else for us to think about! We took some art work as a gift, created by Riley Ward, which was so well received it caused an argument over which office it would be hung in! we have promised to send another picture. Class 6A will be working closely with Grade 5 in NIST school on a Zero Hunger Project. We also hope to provide opportunities for pupils in other classes to write to a pen pal.

British Council Project - Zero Hunger - Nepal Visit

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As part of our involvement with The British Council Project, 6A have been working on a project called Zero Hunger. The children have investigated reasons for food poverty, worked with a local food charity and are now carefully monitoring food waste within school. LJS has been linked with a school in Nepal to carry out this project. During the February half term, Mrs Baker and Miss Allen visited Nist School Bhaktapur in Nepal. They worked with a Grade 5 class and shared the work carried out by 6A and the grade 5 children on the Zero Hunger Project. Exciting future collaborative work has been planned with Nist School and 6A are organising the next steps for their work in reducing food poverty in our local area.

Year 3 Trip to the Ashmolean Museum

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On Tuesday 30th January 2018 two classes of Year 3 children visited the Ashmolean Museum and the Natural History Museum.

Year 3 Trip to The Ashmolean Museum

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On Tuesday 6th February 2018 two classes of year 3 children visited the Ashmolean Museum and the Natural History Museum.