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3C Rangoon Patterns (4 images)

3C working hard to create Rangoon patterns using sterilising solution and brusho. They worked really hard to get such incredible detail!

Created: 9 Jan 17 09:41 | Last modified: 9 Jan 17 09:42

Rangoli Patterns (4 images)

Following Mrs Baker's visit to India in February and linking to Y3 RE, Y3 have been looking at Rangoli Patterns. This week we have had a go at creating our own using Brusho and sterilising fluid to remove the colour, hence creating our patterns. Some of us managed to create some really intricate symmetrical designs

Created: 19 Oct 15 14:17 | Last modified: 20 Jun 16 13:53

Art -Classes 3C and 3B (4 images)

Classes 3C and 3B created this amazing felt based on flowers during our visit to Nature in Art.

Created: 23 May 16 12:07 | Last modified: 23 May 16 12:19

Art 50 (3 images)

Class 50 preparing garlands for our house captains to wear during our forthcoming Rio Olympic Celebration with Longlevens Infant School

Created: 23 May 16 11:52 | Last modified: 23 May 16 12:15

Viking Art (4 images)

4W and 4J have been busy designing Viking shield for a collaborative piece of art work. Here are a couple of their fantastic designs.

Created: 8 Feb 16 09:55 | Last modified: 18 Apr 16 13:42

India Club (2 images)

We have set up a lunchtime India Club, who are preparing and exchanging information with a 'UK Club' at our partner school in Amravati, India. At the moment we are looking at clothing and have already received a Powerpoint from Amravati. We are in the process of making clothing collages to send in return.

Created: 28 Jan 16 16:05 | Last modified: 28 Jan 16 16:08

Art (1 images)

Y3 and Y5 worked hard to create these Remembrance images for our local Church Holy Trinity, Rev Gwyneth came into assembly to thank our pupils for their contribution.

Created: 30 Nov 15 13:19 | Last modified: 30 Nov 15 13:21

Year 3 (1 images)

In Year 3, we have been busy preparing some large poppy canvas based on the landscapes of artist Gustav Klimt. They are now on display in Holy Trinity Church over Remembrance Day.

Created: 16 Nov 15 13:10 | Last modified: 24 Nov 15 16:02

The New 4W - September 2015 (1 images)

Fabric painted, stitched and embellished ammonites. Created with Mrs Baker.

Created: 28 Sep 15 13:27 | Last modified: 24 Nov 15 16:01

Art with Mrs Baker and Miss Rickard (1 images)

At the very end of the summer term Sara Rickard and I worked with 30 children from across the school to create this curriculum tapestry- if you look carefully there are images relating to all the subjects we learn in school- it is now hanging in the entrance hall. Mrs Baker

Created: 5 Oct 15 13:12 | Last modified: 5 Oct 15 13:26